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Finding campus community - What can be done to help students make wise decisions in how they spend their time and who they spend their time with in college

Why students abandon their faith - Lessons from William Wilberforce

God in the gap year - More and more students are taking a year off before heading to college

Choosing a college - Questions students should ask as they seek a college that will positively nurture the entirety of their being, by Matthew J. Reitnour

Affirming doubt - Helping students ask and answer tough questions

College prep - Helping the teens you know transition to the university years

Navigating the college transition - CPYU's own Derek Melleby, along with Susan den Herder, wrote this article for Comment Magazine

Conversations for the college bound - What high school students heading to college should think about before making the transition. Download this article as a .pdf handout.

Prepare for college: Read the Bible - Students who desire to transition smoothly from high school to college should read and understand the Bible


Expert Interviews

Mindy Meier: Sex on campus - Derek Melleby interviews author Minday Meier about Donna Freitas' book Sex & the Soul

Life after high schoolCPYU interview with author and professor Dr. Tim Clydesdale about his book The First Year Out: Understanding American Teens After High School

Life after high school: A conversation with ministry veteran Steven Garber - How youth ministries can help students with the transition from high school to college

College Transition - A look at the transition from high school to college through the eyes of a high school guidance counselor and two college students

The lion, the witch and the college campus - Key issues students face when transitioning from high school to college and the relevancy of C.S. Lewis for college students

Preparing high school students for the realities of college life - The CCO interviews Derek Melleby

Keeping faith from fraying - The American Family Association interviews Derek Melleby about the transition to college

Youth group gone wild - Fuller Youth Institute article featuring an interview with Derek Melleby