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My Yearbook

Founded in 2005 by a pair of high school friends, this social networking site is one they hope will keep friends connected for life as visitors find friends through searching by schools. Filled with a variety of features, the creators hope it will “connect everyone to everyone like never before.”


Teens Against Pornography

A place where teenagers help other teens in the battle with pornography addiction. This is an online community where kids can get support, be prayed for, be held accountable, and tap into advice and techniques for claiming victory over the area of sexual purity.


Youth Walk

Youth Walk (from Walk Thru the Bible Ministries) is an online devotional magazine for students to help them navigate the Bible, get to know God through it, and answer His call to live the adventure of following Christ. - The Weblog Community

Here's a place to get into what kids are thinking by accessing thousands of running blogs (Weblogs) posted by teens. You can access blogs where kids are sharing their thoughts in any number of categories from the arts and humanities, to sports, to religion, to society and culture.


The Tattoo
Begun in 1994 with a small group of teen writers in Bristol, Connecticut, The Tattoo has grown into a widely respected online teen newspaper with writers from around the world. The site is filled with articles on every topic of interest to teenagers. A great window into the adolescent world and worldview.

Teen Hollywood
Teen Hollywood is a site for teens to check out and discuss the latest news in music, movies, and television. There is also a section where teens can write in and get advice. Use this site to keep an eye on the Hollywood hype that is influencing the teens you know. 

This page on highlights what girls think about virginity. It includes quotes from teen girls and their thoughts about sex, abstinence, and related topics. Demonstrates the broad views that today's teen girls have regarding virginity.

Sex, Etc.
This is a website by teens for teens where students can discuss topics of sex, parenting, body image, alcohol and drugs and many other issues. A great place to find out directly what teens think about such matters. 


Teenage Diaries

Hear firsthand about life as a teen from the group of teens National Public Radio sent around the country for a year to interview family and friends, keep an audio journal, and record the sounds of daily life.


SPANK! Youth Culture Online

An online magazine about youth culture written and managed by members of today's youth culture. Focuses on youth issues, interests and happenings. It's a monthly magazine, but there are daily updates on the site. This site offers a valuable peek into the hearts and minds of today's teens. is the Internet component of a resource billing itself as a "magazine written for teens, by teens." The site compliments a monthly print magazine and a book series designed to offer teens advice about various topics.

An on-line community for teens and young adults billed as "everything you need to speak your mind, hang out, hook up...whatever". Loaded with polls, quizzes, downloads, advice horoscopes, media info and more. A wonderful gateway into teen culture.



A site for teens that serves as an online resource for questions regarding relationships, health, body and sexuality. TeenHealthFX is easily navigated and worth checking out as a window to current attitudes and trends regarding adolescent health issues.


Girl Zone Teen Webzine

An online community for teen and pre-teen girls, Girl Zone is billed as a site "where every girl is cool." Not from a Biblical perspective, the site offers an open view of sexuality, as well as information on everything from fashion tips and advice, to help in interpreting dreams. A great resource for finding out what issues are important to girls.


The N

The N is a nightime television network for teens. Their website offers information about their shows, has games and quizzes, actor and actress profiles, and more. The N website claims to "put (teens) opinions and thoughts from the website on TV, and try to make TV that really matters to (teens)."

College Transition Group

The College Transition Group website is a great tool that is intended to help students make an easier transition from high school to college. Founded by high school guidance counselor Eric Bierker, students can find out what to expect when they enter higher education. You can find extensive research as well seminar information on the site.



The online version of Campus Life, a relevant cutting-edge Christian magazine for teens. The site features articles from the current issue, complete past issues, message boards, and an offer for a free hard copy of the publication. Lots of links to other sites (advice, humor, reviews, resources, trends, and stats) make this valuable for teens, youth workers, and parents.

Billed as "the premiere y-gen info site," this one "is dedicated to providing information and services to the youth of the world." Loaded with news, gossip, interviews, teen forums, entertainment news, sound and video clips, etc.


Freevibe is a site constructed for teens but is worthy of some study by those working with young people. The site's major theme is anti-drug information, stories and discussion. Information on common drugs and effects is listed, as are stories about bad drug experiences, pop culture and media literacy.



An entertainment network designed for teens, this site offers reviews, articles, downloads and information on the latest popular music, movies and games. Another site to check out if you're looking for information on a particular artist or film.


Music for Teens

Designed for teens, this site offers insight into the pop music world with news, reviews, concert info, lyrics, videos, MP3 and midi downloads, charts, links, etc.


A Girl's World Online Clubhouse

Peek into the world of today's young adolescent girls by visiting this "space on the Internet that's totally girl-powered." It's an interactive online magazine for girls, offering advice and guidance on everything of interest to the female middle-school set.



This site is offered by a division of the Back to the Bible organization. The site calls itself "the ultimate interactive quest online" with its goal of bringing young people to knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ. The site includes sections for young people on "Talking to God" and "Growing with God".