Links - Contemporary Culture: A Christian Critique



Culture Watch

From some great Christian thinkers/culture watchers in the U.K., this site contains hundreds of articles and study guides on film, books, music, television and a host of other cultural developments. The site reflects solid biblical analysis and thinking on contemporary culture. Youth workers, pastors, parents, and teens should visit this site.


Mouw’s Musings

The online blogging home of Richard Mouw, theologian and President of Fuller Theological Seminary. Mouw is a deep thinker who communicates about the intersection of faith and culture in a practical, engaging and easily understood manner. Visit this blog often to check in on Mouw’s latest commentary on contemporary culture.


IX Marks

As culture changes at breakneck speed, so does the way many are “doing” church. This site serves as a reference point to keep the church from changing in ways that will compromise its God-ordained message and mission. Includes articles, audio, publications, reviews, a pastor’s toolbox and information on the nine marks of a healthy church.


Serious Times

The companion site to James Emery White’s book of the same name, both of which help us understand our current cultural context as a pre-requisite to living high-impact lives for Christ in light of our day’s unique challenges.


Paul Robertson/Youth Unlimited

We're happy to announce the launch of a new website from Paul Robertson, an associate staff member at CPYU. Paul is the Youth Culture Specialist for Youth Unlimited in Toronto, Canada. His new website is filled with valuable youth culture statistics. You will also find archived newsletters with an insightful look into today's contemporary youth culture. A must-visit site for youth workers, especially those working in Canada.


Rock Rebel

Mark Joseph hosts this site that features articles relating to the relationship between faith and music.  Joseph is also the author of several books on the same topic. Regular email updates offer a provocative look into what it means to be a Christian engaging the culture.


Faith 'N' Film

Mark Joseph hosts this site that features daily news and analysis from the world of faith and film.


Mars Hill Forum

Mars Hill Forum exists to reveal Christ in the midst of our current postmodern culture. The site includes journal articles and other information designed to train people to be competent in the study of the Scriptures, the culture, and human soul. A wonderful and thoughtful site striving to address the needs of a rapidly changing culture.



RELEVANT has both a print magazine and an on-line 'zine, each with it's own content.  Operated by a group of Gen X Christians, RELEVANT is one of the best sites out there examining God, Life, and Progressive Culture. Topics discussed include faith, career, relationships, music, and the culture at large, all from an intelligent and fresh Christian perspective. They also offer a great e-mail newsletter.



This handsome and streamlined site is an outreach of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. A Q&A page is offered where users can send a question to be answered by Passageway staff. The belief and grow links offer archived discussions of essential spiritual and lifestyle resources ranging from topics on attending church to suicide. Christians serving in the arts are also profiled.


The Phantom Tollbooth

A gateway to music and more from a Christian perspective. Filled with reviews on albums, movies, concerts, etc. Also a section with updates on news from the world of popular culture. Contributors include many friends of CPYU.


Terry Mattingly's "On Religion"

The Web site for Mattingly's syndicated column offers cutting-edge cultural commentary from a Christian perspective. Includes an archive of columns and additional writings from Mattingly.


Encylopedia of Youth Studies

From Dean Borgman and the youth ministry crew at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, this is the online home of the Center for Youth Studies and their database of articles on contemporary youth culture. Valuable for parents, pastors, and youth workers.


Hollywood Jesus

Billed as the site that "looks for the deeper more profound meaning behind blockbuster hits," this site examines pop culture from a spiritual point of view. The site is especially helpful with information on current films, but also has information and analysis on television and music.



Chuck Colson's daily guide to developing a Christian Worldview in post-Christian culture hits the net with Colson's insightful commentary on news and trends. Visitors can search the archives for scripts from past commentaries or listen to the day's broadcast.