CPYU Reading List

Here are some of the books we've found to be helpful in our efforts to understand the rapidly changing world of today's children and teens. Inclusion of a title on this list does not necessarily imply CPYU's endorsement of the book's content. Some books on this list have been chosen because we've found them to contain useful insight and/or analysis into today's youth culture. A few of these resources can be obtained directly from us through the CPYU Resource Center. Most of these can be ordered through your local bookstore or from one of the many online booksellers, however our preferred retailer for books of this nature is Hearts & Minds Books.


We have broken our list down into a number of categories in order to make it easier to find resources specific to your needs. Since many of the books we recommend cover a variety of topics, they may be listed under more than one heading. Each category can be found in the fly-out menu under the "Reading List" heading in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Full reviews for many of the books are also provided.