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To learn more about the benefits of taking a gap year, read Derek Melleby's article "God in the Gap Year: The Benefits of Taking Time Off Before Going to College."

Do you know of another gap year program? E-mail Derek Melleby with the information.

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The Bridge Program (Colorado)

Created by the Centers for Christian Study International (CCSI) this is a one-to-two-year opportunity designed to prepare students for their university experience, enriched by an interface with Christian scholarship. Depending upon location, courses may be delivered entirely on-line, in a classroom with a local instructor, or may feature a combination of online content and local, mentored cohort interaction.

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Impact 360 (Pine Mountain, Georgia) 

An interactive and experiential living/learning community focusing on biblical Christian worldview, vocational understanding, spiritual and life formation, and a month-long international experience. Mission: Equipping young adults to become Christ-centered servant leaders.

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Joshua Wilderness Institute (Hume, California) 

Our mission statement at Joshua, “Transforming the Life Effectiveness of God’s People” is simple. But the process by which this mission is realized is anything but. Utilizing a combination of theology, Bible study skills, philosophy and worldview training, evangelism, character development, personal life skills, and monthly mission trips, we endeavor to expose students to life, guide them to discern God’s will, and cultivate a spiritual passion and calling.

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Kanakuk Link Year (Branson, Missouri) 

Provides college credit, individualized mentoring, focused discovery of spiritual gifts and identity, spiritual growth and Biblical training for college and encouragement toward world and community impact.

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Kivu Gap Year (Durango, Colorado)

The vision of this program is to prepare college-bound high school graduates for success in higher education through domestic and international learning adventures that help them clarify their faith, discover their passions, and focus their career goals, in a global context.

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Norristown Community House (Norristown, Pennsylvania) 

A place where young adults are transformed. Where they experience what it means to follow God in every area of life. Where they worship, live, and serve together.

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Pursuit (Manitoba, Canada) 

Pursuit is Red Rock Bible Camp’s eight month discipleship ministry for Christian adults from eighteen to twenty-five years of age who desire to grow in their relationship with Christ in community with others. It begins each September and runs through the end of April. Pursuit’s Mission: To equip, develop and inspire one another to embrace the life long pursuit of becoming all God wants us to be in Christ Jesus.

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SCORE International's GAP YEAR (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic)

This is a program for High School graduates ages 18-25 who will live and study in Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic. The GAP YEAR program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish and at the same time experience what it is like to be a missionary. Students study theology, evangelism and missions and have the chance to experience hands-on mission work every week. Orientation is in September and graduation is in May.

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Spruce Lake Wilderness Camp (Canadensis, Pennsylvania)

Located in the Pocono Mountains of PA, the camps mission is to point people to Christ. Spruce Lake Wilderness Camp recruits 8 interns each year to join the staff and take significant roles in ministry. Interns are mentored both personally and professionally, trained and encouraged to grow as a leader all within the context of camp ministry. These positions will be responsible, accountable staff positions working alongside and learning from our core staff ministry professionals.

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Summit Semester (Pagosa Springs, Colorado) 

Up to 30 students each year learn from some of the top Christian scholars in the country. The program nurtures spiritual formation and hones intellectual skills, while also helping students develop strong interpersonal relationships. The goal is to prepare students for the challenges they will face at the university while motivating them to be influential leaders, shaping the ideas of culture for the glory of God and the good of our society.

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True North (Morris, Pennsylvania) 

A nine-month experience designed to equip college-aged students for missional living in the 21st century through Biblical training, cross-cultural ministry, and hands-on service.

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Tulsa Link Year (Tulsa, Oklahoma) 

A gap year program with a unique location in the heart of a thriving city. You will spend the year walking beside youth and their families, and getting the guidance of some of our city's best leaders. You'll be in classes every week with other friends in the program who may have other internship sites here in the city. And you'll learn from each other about how to be the best you can, while discovering who God has made you to be.

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WalkAbout (Rocksprings, Texas) 

Intensive Gap Year Christian discipleship program for students 18-24 years of age. This residential program takes place at the Camp Eagle campus, where students live, learn, and serve in community. The program runs from mid-August to mid-May.

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Youth for Christ/World Outreach (EMBARK Internships)

World Outreach is Youth for Christ USA's "vehicle" for connecting staff to the bigger picture of the worldwide movement of YFC International. EMBARK INTERNSHIPS are opportunities for Christian “18-29 year olds” to serve alongside local Youth for Christ missionaries and indigenous staff who are building relationships with youth and young adults around the world, for the purpose of sharing the love of God and saving message of Jesus Christ. A list of EMBARK Internships (our equivalent of a gap year program) can be found here: