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The College Transition Initiative (CTI) began in 2005 as a joint effort between the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding and the Coalition for Christian Outreach. Studying youth culture for over 20 years, CPYU president Walt Mueller recognized that too many students and parents were not adequately equipped for the crucial transition from high school to college. As a campus ministry devoted to helping college students live out their faith in every area of life, the CCO also saw the need to better prepare students for the transition and get them connected to Christian community on campus.

The mission of CTI is to provide resources for students, parents, pastors and educators to think more deeply about the transition from high school to college. This mission is accomplished through:

Speaking: College Transition Seminars are presented across the country to students and parents

Writing: Articles, books, and expert interviews

Blogging: A regularly updated blog provides commentary on trends in higher education


/files/Staff Photos/Derek Melleby - New - Web Size.jpgLearn more about Derek Melleby, Director, College Transition Initiative

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Read about Derek's book, The Outrageous Idea of Academic Faithfulness

Check out Derek's new book Make College Count: A Faithful Guide to Life and Learning

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