Christian World and Life View


Click on the following links for articles dealing with the importance of building a Christian World and Life View.  For additional information on this topic, please check our news, links, and reading list pages.

Those who would be Christians - Shaking stereotypes the world has placed on "Christians"

In the world, but not of it - Reflections on what this looks like in practice, by Denis Haack

Conversations for the college bound - What high school students heading to college should think about before making the transition

Raise your hand! - Youth ministry's over-emphasis on numbers

The lion, the witch and the college campus - Key issues students face when transitioning from high school to college and the relevancy of C.S. Lewis for college students

Watch what you pray for - The Prayer of Jabez and the problem of materialism

Living and teaching right from wrong - Passing on a biblical view of right and wrong to our kids

Reading the world by listening to their stories - Denis Haack reflects on how we can use film and other media to better understand the world we live in

Why I Don't Live in the Bunker - Reflections on the Youth Worker's Place in Culture

Old Words for a New Culture - Kids are (slowly) speak up!

When You're Given Grief - How to respond to the grief separatists give you when they say you shouldn't be engaging the culture

The Spirituality of Everyday Life - An adaptation from the book The Journey Towards Relevance by Kary Oberbrunner

Wholly holy ... or hole-ly? - Biblically looking at holiness

The 20th Century Art Form - How to watch movies like a Christian. by Kim Robbins

Biblical? - What does it mean to be Biblical in the way we live?  written by Ron Julian of the McKenzie Study Center

Shame, Shame, Shame - the problem of "dis-jointed" faith...saying one thing and practicing another.

Millennial Moral Mess - moral inconsistency in the lives of Christians

Cheating, Lying, Pants, and Prosperity - Right, Wrong, and Relativity

When the Flak Flies - Responding to the flak Christians get from other Christians when they try to live out their faith Biblically.

Are We Salt and Light? - Living out our faith Biblically often leads us to the point of being called "too Christian" or "too Pagan."

What's Going On? - Reflections from 9/11

Popstars: When the World is Not Enough - how one potential star was able to put her faith before fame.

The Lie of Christmas - The true meaning of Christmas, and the problem with "stuff."

Am I a Survivor? - "Survivor" and the lifeboat mentality.

Looking for Bus #119 - How we can become "bridge-builders" to the non-Christians around us.

Feeling Like the Elephant Man - Why CPYU does what it does, and the importance of engaging the culture.

I Love You 12 - Twelve traits of a Godly character we should want to see in our children's lives.

Whose God is it Anyway? - is the "God" we claim to worship really the one true God?