Faith & Culture

Click on the following links for articles dealing with the relationship between fiath and culture. For additional information on this topic, please check our news, links, and reading list pages.

In search of good film: Nine signposts - Signposts that might be helpful for individual and communal decisions toward viewing and engaging films, by Greg Veltman (this article originally appeared in Comment Magazine)

Why I ended my relationship with Facebook - One person's account of giving up Facebook to focus on true community

Those who would be Christians - Shaking stereotypes the world has placed on "Christians"

In the world, but not of it - Reflections on what this looks like in practice, by Denis Haack

Engaging culture the Jesus-centered way - An excerpt from Rick Lawrence's book Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry, includes the chapter introduction written by Walt Mueller

Engaging The Da Vinci Code - Help navigating this cultural phenomenon

Reading the world by listening to their stories - Denis Haack reflects on how we can use film and other media to better understand the world we live in

Why I Don't Live in the Bunker - Reflections on the Youth Worker's Place in Culture

When You're Given Grief - How to respond to the grief given to you from separatists when they say you shouldn't be engaging the culture

The Spirituality of Everyday Life - An adaptation from the book The Journey Towards Relevance by Kary Oberbrunner

Wholly holy ... or hole-ly? - Biblically looking at holiness

Biblical? - What does it mean to be Biblical in the way we live?  written by Ron Julian of the McKenzie Study Center