Youth Ministry 

Click on the following links for articles dealing with Youth Ministry. These are articles and resources that are specifically targeted to youth workers and how they address issues facing today's teens.  For additional information on this topic, please check our news, links, and reading list pages.

Feelings-Someone more than feelings - Teaching teens to base their decisions on God's Word, rather than their own feelings

Youth group gone wild - What you can do now to prepare kids for college

The youth culture constant - The spiritual yearning of teenagers

Engaging culture the Jesus-centered way - An excerpt from Rick Lawrence's book Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry, includes the chapter introduction written by Walt Mueller

The middle ground - Encouraging students as they move from the superficial safety of the SimGospel to the true safety of the Gospel, by Sam Van Eman

Life after high school: A conversation with ministry veteran Steven Garber - How youth ministries can help students with the transition from high school to college

What are we doing? - Five suggestions for equipping students to live their faith in God's world now and in the future

Raise your hand! - Youth ministry's over-emphasis on numbers

Survey says... - Effectively using surveys to learn more about your teens

Pass it on! - Our youth culture cries out for redemption, and it is up to us to pass on the Good News of Jesus Christ

Tracy Speaks - An excerpt about Thirteen

What Parents and Youth Workers Need to Know About the Millennial Generation - Insight into the emerging generation

Looking for Bus #119 - How we can become "bridge-builders" to the non-Christians around us.

The Music Generation and MTV - A short history and facts about MTV as well as ways to help parents understand it's power and influence

Equipping Parents to Know Youth Culture - What you can do as a youth pastor to help parents understand youth culture

Learning from Their Music - a useful tool for exploring the music teens are listening to, and what it says about their lives.  Great as a discussion starter with teens.  Works well in conjunction with CPYU's "How to Use Your Head to Guard Your Heart: 3D Guide to Making Responsible Music Choices."

Read Your TV - A primer on how to view television critically. An excellent tool for youth workers, educators, and parents.

Note:  CPYU has an approach to understanding today's youth culture that is often quite different from that of other Christians, yet we believe it to be the proper Biblical approach.  Over the years we have been criticized for our methods.  Below are some articles that youth workers will find useful in Biblically defending this approach when questioned by parents or others in the church.

Why I Don't Live in the Bunker - Reflections on the Youth Worker's Place in Culture

When You're Given Grief - How to respond to the grief given to you from separatists when they say you shouldn't be engaging the culture

When the Flak Flies - Responding to the flak Christians get from other Christians when they try to live out their faith Biblically.

Feeling Like the Elephant Man - Why CPYU does what it does, and the importance of engaging the culture.

Are We Salt and Light? - Living out our faith Biblically often leads us to the point of being called "too Christian" or "too Pagan."