What are they saying about CPYU?



"Walt Mueller (and the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding) has his finger on the pulse of America's youth and a heart for the problems they face." - Ken Davis, Speaker and Author



"I've never run across a more vast knowledge of contemporary culture...I can't imagine a more critical resource for parents." - Brad Frey, Director of Youth Ministry, Geneva College



"Walt Mueller is responding to a growing need in our culture.  The gap between the generations is not becoming smaller but larger...Promoting parent/youth understanding allows parents to become participants rather than helpless bystanders in the lives of teenagers.  The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is much needed." - Jay Kesler, President, Taylor University



"We need the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding.  CPYU is providing a tremendous service in opening the generational lines of communication, understanding and respect.  As a father, I have benefited greatly from the resources of CPYU. Sometimes we busy dads need help understanding our kids and their complex, ever-changing world. For reliable information and thoughtful advice, Walt Mueller is the guide you can trust." - Dr. Ken Canfield, President, The National Center for Fathering



"There's no one better equipped than Walt Mueller to help parents and their teens navigate the media minefield that confronts every American family today. Parents can trust Walt and his team at CPYU to apply time-tested Christian principles in discerning media messages aimed at their children. And young people can be confident that Walt's not imposing his personal tastes, but rather the clarity of ideals that apply to every generation." - Michael Geer, President, Pennsylvania Family Institute



"After discovering CPYU a few years ago, we both agreed that we had missed out on valuable information while seeing our two daughters through adolescence and the teen years! Walt and the ministry at CPYU have proven again and again to be committed to entering into today's youth culture as a means to understand and reach today's youth with the absolute truths of the Gospel. CPYU's resources are remarkably well done and present practical, though sometimes brutally honest, insights into the reality of the everchanging youth culture of the new millennium. We strongly support Walt Mueller and his ministry at CPYU and would encourage others to get involved and utilize the many available resources. You will not be disappointed." - Jonas and Anne Beiler, Founders, Auntie Anne's, Inc.



"Sadly, parents and adults in general tend to view young people in a negative light, overlooking their truly positive characteristics. Much of this negativism stems from a lack of awareness and knowledge about the lives and aspirations of youth. CPYU provides vital information that can help remedy this situation." - George Gallup, Jr.



"I know of no person I trust more to understand, interpret and analyze youth culture than Walt Mueller. He and his staff work hard to give useful, practical information to adults who care for our young people. I believe the Christian community needs this kind of insight to be more effective at communicating the gospel to our teenagers." - Tiger McLuen, President, Youth Leadership



"Walt has the youth culture's pulse...like a good doctor he is assisting parents and those who care for our youth with timely insight and wise ways to respond." - Don Pape, President, Waterbrook Press



"At a time when many Christians feel uneasy about the power of youth culture to  mold minds, lives, and hearts, CPYU provides thoughtful analysis and biblical guidance. Walt Mueller and his compatriots understand our postmodern world and are committed to creatively engaging it with the gospel of Christ. Parents, youth workers, young adults - and anyone who knows and loves young adults - will profit from their giftedness in listening to youth culture and speaking the truth winsomely into it." - Denis Haack, Ransom Fellowship



"When it comes to authorities on today's youth culture, Walt Mueller is the person I most look to for insight." - Dr. Jim Burns, President & Founder, YouthBuilders



"Today's youth culture, specifically the world of music and media, has a shape-shifting, frontier complexity that often confuses or simply eludes most parents. Thankfully there are trailblazers like CPYU who scout the unknown, read the signs and help parents and youth make the passage of life safely. CPYU plays a unique and important role as cultural interpreters, speaking with insight, clarity, and authority. If CPYU is speaking, we should be listening. That's how important their place in the world is." - Charlie Peacock, Music Producer and Author, New Way To Be Human



"Information needs to be grounded in facts, reality and context. When it comes to information on youth culture, Walt Mueller is an expert on providing that depth, a fantastic media source on our teens." - Lorna Dueck, Listen UP TV/Newspaper Columnist



"Walt Mueller and his staff at CPYU are recognized in the youth ministry community as folks who take culture seriously because they take Jesus seriously and because they take kids seriously. Like Paul at the Areopagus (Acts 17), they walk around youth culture and look carefully at the "objects of worship" so that, as youth workers and parents alike, we may more effectively engage that culture with the claims of Christ." - Duffy Robbins, Eastern University



"Walt is insightful, informative, and thorough without being sensationalistic." - Tic Long, President, Youth Specialties



"I am so impressed with the work of Walt Mueller and the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. Having been in youth work for 38 years, I know how important it is to have the right data. CPYU provides just that. Whether you are a youth worker or parent, I think you will benefit from their fine work." - Roger Cross, President/National Director, Youth for Christ/USA



"Walt Mueller's Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is on top of the issues facing teenagers and their familes today. This ministry does a phenomenal job of helping youth workers keep up with, interpret and react to popular culture in order to better minister to teenagers. We are very thankful for the excellent research, analysis and insight that makes CPYU such a valuable resource to youth workers and parents." - Paul Fleischmann, President, National Network of Youth Ministries



"CPYU and Walt Mueller are my "go-to" web-site and resource whenever I need to know anything about today's youth culture. Since I'm an old youth worker and very out of touch with what's current I need an ally to do the work for me and make my life easier. That's what CPYU does. I can visit their site weekly, download a few stats, quotes and music lyrics and the students in youth ministry actually think I'm smart. It's really a great resource...actually it's the best one I know of and I'm very thankful for what they do for those of us in the trenches who are too busy to research." - Doug Fields, Youth Pastor, Saddleback Community Church, and author of Purpose Driven Youth Ministry



"Walt has done a great job of not only understanding students but also effectively communicating what we all need to know if our desire is to lead our students to full devotion to Christ." - Bo Boshers, Executive Director of Student Minstries, Willow Creek Association



"Few people understand the adolescent world the way Walt Mueller does." - Dr. Chap Clark, Prof. of Youth and Family Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary