A Timely Prescription


Without a doubt, the greatest problem facing the church today is the lack of integration of faith into all of life. If not corrected, the legacy today's church leaves will be a generation of compartmentalized "Christian" kids and a watching world that's found nothing attractive or compelling about Christianity. This pressing matter of "spiritual schizophrenia" is addressed by Brian Walsh and J. Richard Middleton in their informative and practical book, The Transforming Vision: Shaping a Christian World View (InterVarsity Press, 1984, ISBN # 0-87784-973-0).


Walsh and Middleton lead readers into an understanding of world views and the manner in which these "visions for life" provide "a model of the world which guides its adherents in the world" in the matters of everyday life. The Transforming Vision offers convincing analysis of the development of the current crisis by showing how dualism—the dangerously wrong and sinful separation of our lives into "sacred" and "secular" realms—has negatively affected how we work, view culture and read the Bible. Readers are then offered a prescriptive Biblical remedy of radical comprehensiveness that sees Jesus as the Lord of all of life. Walsh and Middleton challenge readers to an obedience that requires us to meet four conditions: "We must abandon our idols, recognize the multidimensionality of life, respond in obedience to God's norms for his creatures and begin to live in community with one another in a renewed way."


This book is a must-read for all. Those who work with college or high school students should use it with a study group. Parents will find the book helpful as they work to spiritually nurture their children. This is stuff the emerging generations must know. A very helpful and extensive bibliography offers reading suggestions for those interested in integrating their faith into their vocational calling with specific books for every type of work and discipline.


—Walt Mueller