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Life In Student Ministry

Set up by Minnesota youth pastor Tim Schmoyer, this site is an online community where youth workers come together for conversations among those passionate about teenagers. The site features articles and resources on all things youth ministry, and contains information on youth ministry training opportunities. Another youth ministry site worth bookmarking.


simply youth ministry

From Doug Fields and his cast of characters at Saddleback, this online youth ministry community is growing by leaps and bounds. The site offers a cataloged list of resources, articles, podcasts and lots of freebies. This is a youth ministry site worth visiting regularly.


Fuller Youth Institute

Formerly known as the Center for Youth and Family Ministry, Fuller's Youth Institute works to translate research into resources that transform youth and family ministry. There is loads of solid, in-depth research available on this site. One we highly recommend.


Youthworker Journal

The newly re-designed online home of Youthworker Journal, this site is loaded with lots of articles, blogs, and other resources, including a regular culture column written by CPYU’s Walt Mueller. This is a “periodical place” we recommend for regular visits.


The Journal of Student Ministries

Another of our favorite youth ministry periodicals, the JSM site includes articles, podcasts, blogs, links, and other resources designed for the church youth worker.


YouthTRAIN Live!

This youth ministry blog comes to us from the folks who live down under. It exists to help train, resource and support youth workers. Regular posts include news, statistics and youth ministry programming helps.


Campus Ministry

An interactive space on all things about college campus ministry. Designed to facilitate ideas, connection and collaboration. A great interactive site for college students and those who minister to them.


Youth Ministry Exchange

Another resource for youth workers. This site is a great source for articles, ministry links, podcasts, forums and reviews. This site is set apart from others in that you won’t find any of the youth ministry “big names” here. Everything is done by “the little guy, ” which makes this a very valuable and helpful site! This site is rapidly becoming a valuable support network for youth ministry folks in the trenches.


Student-Led Cell Groups

This resource from Ted Stump aims to help youth workers in all phases of student-led cell group development. Includes training packets, topic resources, DVDs and testimonials on how student-led cell groups can be utilized to foster spiritual growth in students.


Canadian Youth Worker

A youth ministry site from our friends north of the border. Another site worth visiting regularly as it features a growing number of articles, links, training resources, an interactive ministry exchange, live chat and a host of other helpful youth ministry items.


The Teenage Tightrope

From Dr. David Fraze at Lubbock Christian University comes this online collection of video spots featuring Dr. Fraze speaking to issues of today’s rapidly changing youth culture. Each short episode is downloadable, and there are links to helpful resources.


Urban Youth Workers Institute

UYWI exists to strengthen a new generation of global urban leaders for transformational ministry. Site features information on strategies, urban youth worker conferences and other resources to help those involved in urban youth ministry.



Created by the 100-year-old U.K. youth ministry organization Crusaders, this trendy interactive site is designed to engage young visitors for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and helping them live for Christ. The Crusaders are especially passionate about reaching out to unchurched youth.


Paul Robertson/Youth Unlimited

We're happy to announce the launch of a new website from Paul Robertson, an associate staff member at CPYU. Paul is the Youth Culture Specialist for Youth Unlimited in Toronto, Canada. His new website is filled with valuable youth culture statistics. You will also find archived newsletters with an insightful look into today's contemporary youth culture. A must-visit site for youth workers, especially those working in Canada.


Steve Bussey’s Blog

Okay, we like this guy because he likes us. But there’s more to it than that. Steve is a youth ministry trainer with the Salvation Army. His blog not only includes lots of helpful links and thoughtful discussion, but he started a study guide for youth workers on Walt Mueller’s book Youth Culture 101. Visit this blog to access Steve’s helpful guide.


Youth Ministry News

With dozens of Web sites targeting those involved in youth ministry, it's hard to keep up. acts as a clearinghouse for the best youth ministry articles and resources on the Internet, delivering the youth ministry material you want to your computer via RSS/XML technology.


The National Network of Youth Ministries

The National Network of Youth Ministries links youth workers for encouragement, spiritual growth and sharing resources in order to expose every teenager to the gospel of Jesus Christ, establish them in a local church, and disciple them to help reach the world.


Mentor Youth

The National Network of Youth Ministries has formed a new faith-based partnership with the Department of Justice called Mentor Youth. The purpose of this new initiative is to recruit and refer caring Christian adults to mentor young people in every community.


Youth Ministry Architects

Youth Ministry Architects, founded by Mark Devries, is a youth ministry coaching firm dedicated to helping churches build a solid foundation for long-term, deep-impact ministries to teenagers, following a Family Based Youth Ministry model.


Mission Year

Mission Year provides opportunity for Christian young people to put their faith in action through living and working among the poor for a year in an urban neighborhood. This site offers information on how to get involved in this faith-shaping experience.


Free Youth Ministry

Free Youth Ministry exists to network youth pastors in the sharing of ideas, lessons and real life youth ministry resources. The site also offers a monthly newsletter.


Christian Camping International

The site for Christian Camping International, a non-profit organization which provides extensive programs, products, and services for the leaders of autonomous Christian camps and conferences nationwide. It also has a database of all Christian faith-based camps in the country. Check it out if you are looking to add the camping experience into your youth ministry. Also be sure to check out the Cairn Series Professional Training developed for Christian camp and conference professionals looking to receive training, network with those in the industry, and grow in their ministries.


Youth Leadership Center for Youth and Family Ministries

Another valuable site for youth ministry training resources from Tiger McCluen and the staff of YL. A gateway to an organization that's been offering quality insight, resources, and training for several years.


Strong Families

The online home of Dr. John Trent’s Center for Strong Families. The site helps visitors launch church and community-based family ministries to build strong, God-honoring and committed family relationships.



The online version of Campus Life, a relevant cutting-edge Christian magazine for teens. The site features articles from the current issue, complete past issues, message boards, and an offer for a free hard copy of the publication. Lots of links to other sites (advice, humor, reviews, resources, trends, and stats) make this valuable for teens, youth workers, and parents.


Center for Youth Studies

From Dean Borgman and the youth ministry crew at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, this is the online home of the Center for Youth Studies and their database of articles on contemporary youth culture. Valuable for parents, pastors, and youth workers.


Junior High

This site exists to equip junior high youth workers for the 21st century. Includes reviews, resources and discussion of matters related to junior high ministry.


International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry

Sure to expand, the site of this global organization is not so much for youth ministry practitioners, but for those doing research into youth ministry, youth culture, trends, etc. Included are on-line journals and links.

Boundless Magazine

Conceived as a Webzine to mentor college students in their Christian faith, this site is designed to help young adults think and talk about what they believe. The site's content is written by "mentors" who have the time and wisdom to share with students who may have no Christian mentor spending time with them on campus.


Center for Student Missions

Nothing cements the faith of a student like a missions experience. This site explains the mission and ministry of CSM and outlines opportunities offered to groups for short-term inner-city missions.


Compassion International

The site for one of many reputable Christian relief organizations. Visitors will find information on Compassion's programs, an overview of the ministry, links, and information on how to become a Compassion child sponsor.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Founded in 1954, this non-denominational mission ministers to coaches and athletes in high schools and colleges across North America. Visitors can read FCA's newsletter, locate local "huddle" groups, and access articles from their top­notch magazine, Victory.


YUBM Ministries

This site strives to bridge the gap between the church and urban hip-hop culture by a ministry that focuses on maturing, mentoring, and ministering by investing in Black futures through strategic leadership development. Offers ideas, insight, and information on urban youth culture.


College Transition Group

Created and maintained by Eric Bierker, a Christian guidance counselor in a public high school, this site is designed to help high school students make a healthy transition into college life. Contains over 800 links, a message board forum, info on CTG's one-day seminar and the seminar's content.


Group Publishing

A leader in providing resources for ministry to children, youth and adults, this helpful site is loaded with information on books, magazines, curriculum, training events, and more. While you're here, check out "Ministry.Net" and it's searchable library of articles from Group's arsenal of periodicals.


Reach Out Ministries

Founded in 1977 by Barry St. Clair, Reach Out Ministries strives to equip leaders of youth around the world for strategic youth ministry through the church in order to see as many teenagers as possible become devoted followers of Christ. A growing site with lots of good information and material.


Youth Ministry Legacy Resources

"For those who are passionate about reaching the younger generations." This site exists to provide quality resources to youth workers across the globe via the web. You will find sermon illustrations, Bible studies, articles, and devotions all on this one website. Pastors, parents, and youth workers will all find this site helpful. works in conjunction with Reach Out Ministries.


The Source for Youth Ministry

The Source for Youth Ministry site offers a number of free resources for the youth worker including how to use the media in your ministry, ideas for games and bible studies, as well as interviews and answers on common teen subjects and with artists and authors. You'll also find a helpful dictionary of teen slang, and forms for the everyday maintenance and for communication with your youth group. Information on The Source speakers and trainers is also available.


Urban Youth Workers Resource Directory

A joint venture of Kingdomworks and Urban Youth Ministries, the site includes a list of books, videos, magazines, journals, training conferences, and organizations. Urban youth workers will also find links relevant to the topic of urban youth ministry.


Young Life

The online home of an aggressive and creative campus ministry that's been ministering to teens in their changing cultural context since 1940.


Youth for Christ

Every day at thousands of community centers, high schools, middle schools, juvenile institutions, coffee shops, and local hangouts, YFC staff and volunteers meet with young people who need Jesus. Youth for Christ is rural and urban and is always about the message of Jesus. YFC's focus as a movement is on multiplying fruitful and sustainable ministry sites across the nation and around the world.



A new online ministry for youth pastors by youth pastors, this site is loaded with ministry resources, links, games, ministry listings, etc. Lots of good stuff on a site that's growing!


Youth Specialties

A must visit site for anyone working with teenagers. Constantly updated, the site offers lots of information about Youth Specialties, their conferences, and youth ministry resources. In addition, you'll find a list of youth ministry job openings, discussion areas, and a helpful growing list of links to other youth-related sites on the Web.


Youthwork Magazine

The website of Youthwork Magazine, Britain's most widely read resource for Christian youth ministry. Filled with fresh ideas and resources for youth ministry. Youth workers can access the site to read articles, discuss youth ministry issues, discover ideas, and find helpful youth ministry links.

The online home of the National Network of Youth Ministries. Visitors can find out about training events and programs, read articles by youth ministry experts, purchase resources, locate a youth worker network in their local area, etc.


Youth Ministry Resources Galore

The home page of youth pastor Ryan Nielsen, this site offers tons of youth ministry resources. It is a free resource to youth pastors and youth workers containing numerous youth ministry papers, hundreds of youth ministry games, numerous links (geared toward youth ministry), a 90-page leadership manual, a One-Year Youth Devotional, and A Youth Ministry Resource Exchange to trade/download resources from other youth pastors & much much more.



This site is offered by a division of the Back to the Bible organization. The site calls itself "the ultimate interactive quest online" with its goal of bringing young people to knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ. The site includes sections for young people on "Talking to God" and "Growing with God".


Bully Free

Bully Free is a site committed to preventing and stopping bullying in all environments (i.e., schools, workplaces, etc.). Their goal is to promote the Golden Rule everywhere. Great site for parents, educators, and youth workers striving to create bully free environments.


Calvin Institute of Worship

With the "worship wars" continuing to rage, this site from the Calvin Institute of Worship is a goldmine for those desiring to take a thoughtful and biblical look at worship in the new millennium. Includes online resources for church members, pastors, lay leaders, artists, musicians and scholars.


Mission Year

Mission Year provides opportunity for Christian young people to put their faith in action through living and working among the poor for a year in an urban neighborhood. This site offers information on how to get involved in this faith-shaping experience.


The Coalition for Christian Outreach
An organization that's played a pivotal role in Walt Mueller's life, The Coalition for Christian Outreach ministers to college students in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. However, this site is about more than the organization. The site includes a helpful "articles and tools" section filled with Bible studies, book reviews and many other resources.


Redeem The Day
This website is brought to you by Kary Oberbrunner, author of The Journey Towards Relevance. His site is designed to encourage people to "buy back time" and start impacting and effecting others in the here and now. It offers insightful articles on how to transform the future by redeeming the present.


Our Postmodern Context

Put together by a pastor who's looking to be more effective in ministry in his local area, this site is filled with his accumulated information on postmodernism including lots of interesting articles, resources and links.


The Gospel And Our Culture Network

A very helpful site for those desiring to minister effectively in our current postmodern context.  This site brings together a wide variety of churches and organizations working together on the frontier of the missionary field.


Reaching Generation X + Y for Jesus

Created and maintained by Graeme Codrington, this growing site contains resources, links, helpful tips, research papers, and other interesting items related to ministry to Gen Xers and millennial kids.


Next-Wave Webzine

A monthly webzine for pastors, church planters, and leaders. The purpose is to discuss the nature of ministry, faith and leadership in the 21st century with Christians from many nations and denominations.  Lots of helpful and thought provoking content for students of contemporary culture.



The site of author Andrew Careaga designed to promote evangelism on the web.


Ivy Jungle Network

The website of an organization maintained by a loose association of people ministering to college students.